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Igniting Change: Black Mothers Unite to Reimagine Education

In the face of a pressing crisis, there's an undeniable truth that we, as a community, can no longer ignore—the education system in the largest and wealthiest country in the world is failing our Black children. The statistics are haunting, with only 11% of 8th-grade Black children proficient in reading and a mere 16% in math. This is not just a problem; it's a call to action.

As Black Mothers, we firmly believe that our determination and resilience can serve as the guiding force for the much-needed social change within our families and communities. The time for waiting on others or existing systems to rectify this situation has passed.

On Saturday, 12/16/23, Black Mothers will gather to collectively hold space for the reimagining of education for our children. This is not just a meeting; it's a powerful movement towards actively shaping a future where our children receive the education they rightfully deserve.

The stark reality of the current state of education keeps many of us awake at night, fueling our commitment to be the catalysts for positive change. We can no longer afford to be passive observers; instead, we invite you to join us on 12/16 as we explore solutions, share insights, and envision a new educational paradigm.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, 12/16

  • Time: 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

  • Location: South Garland Library

In this collaborative effort, your presence and unique perspective are invaluable. Let's stand in solidarity, acknowledging the strength in our collective determination. Together, we can ignite the spark that will fuel positive change for our children's future.

As we navigate this crisis, it's essential to recognize that waiting for change is no longer an option. Instead, let's actively contribute to shaping a future where every child, regardless of their background, receives an education that empowers and uplifts.

Join us on 12/16 as we redefine the narrative and champion a brighter future for the next generation. RSVP by 12/13/23 to confirm your participation and be a vital part of this crucial conversation.

Click here to learn more about our event and register to attend.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to your support in our mission to reimagine education for our children.

With hope and determination,

Chantel Jones Bigby,

Black Lotus Mothers Inc.

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