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Empowering Our 'Crowns': Black Lotus Mothers Inc. Stands in Solidarity with Darryl George

As a Black woman with locs (aka dreadlocks), and a mother to a child with locs as well, I am moved and disturbed by the story of a young student named Darryl George. Darryl, a bright and spirited individual, proudly wore his locs to school as a symbol of his cultural heritage and personal identity. However, his expression of self was met with resistance when he was suspended for violating school policy, and recently followed with a Texas judge ruling against him in a case involving his school's hair policy.

Despite the recent passing of the CROWN Act in Texas, which aimed to protect individuals from race-based hair discrimination, Darryl's encounter sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by individuals like him. The ruling not only raised questions about the interpretation and enforcement of the CROWN Act, but also highlighted the need for continued advocacy and support for those who seek to express their identities without fear of discrimination.

Darryl George also reminds us of why Black Lotus Mothers Inc is deeply committed to advocating for initiatives like school choice to ensure overarching, safe, and inclusive learning environments for all children. School choice presents an opportunity to create inclusive educational environments that respect cultural diversity and individual expression.

When educational institutions fail to respect cultural diversity and individual expression, they create barriers to learning and perpetuate systemic inequalities. School choice empowers parents to select educational environments that align with their values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds. By advocating for school choice, including the financial resources to support it like education savings accounts and education scholarships; we can create spaces where children are celebrated for who they are, where their identities are respected, and where they can thrive academically and emotionally.

Let us stand together in solidarity and work towards creating inclusive spaces where every child can thrive without compromising their identity.

In solidarity,

Chantel Jones Bigby

Founder, Black Lotus Mothers Inc.

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