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National Parent Engagement Day and The Educational Crisis of Today.

As National Parent Involvement Day on November 16th approaches, I find myself reflecting on my role as a dedicated parent actively shaping the educational journey of my child. In this moment, I want to share the inspiring work of Black Lotus Mothers Inc, a group of three Black mothers in North Texas, including myself, who have taken matters into our own hands to address a critical gap in our community.

The Birth of Black Lotus Mothers Inc:

Fueled by the necessity to provide better educational opportunities for our children, we formed Black Lotus Mothers Inc. As a passionate mother, I played a role in establishing a learning pod to challenge the myth that Black parents are not actively involved in their children's education. We are living proof that when parents are engaged, motivated, and empowered, positive change can happen.

The Educational Disparities:

In Texas, only 16 percent of Black children are considered proficient in math, and a mere 11 percent in reading. This alarming statistic highlights a significant problem that demands our attention both in our homes and within our educational institutions. It's a tragedy that calls for action, not just in acknowledging the disparities but in actively seeking solutions to rectify them.

My Advocacy for Educational Choice:

I am not just highlighting the issue; I am advocating for change. One crucial aspect of my advocacy is promoting educational choice, emphasizing the importance of options for parents, including myself, in determining the best educational path for our children. I am a strong proponent of initiatives like the Texas Education Savings Accounts, recognizing that financial resources are key to expanding educational options.

The Historic House Vote:

The urgency of this matter is underscored by the upcoming historic house vote on the school choice bill HB1 in the Texas State Legislature on November 17th, 2023. I hope that the decision-makers recognize the dire need for an educational revolution, especially for children who need viable options right now and who cannot wait years or decades for systemic change!

National Parent Involvement Day serves as a reminder that engaged parents, like myself, are crucial partners in our children's educational journeys. Black Lotus Mothers Inc stands as my beacon of inspiration, challenging stereotypes and advocating for real change. As I acknowledge the challenges faced by Black children in Texas, let us also rally behind initiatives like educational choice to ensure a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Chantel Jones Bigby,

Co-Founder, Black Lotus Mothers Inc.

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